Lifecourses in Europe Analyses of SHARE & ELSA
by Morten Wahrendorf, ICLS
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Lifecourses (Motion Chart):

The graph on the right allows to explore interactively lifecourses of older European, by showing changes of several variables when pressing the play-button. It summarizes information on more than 35000 individual employment and family histories from 14 European countries.
  • Values of Y- and X-axes can be changed with the pull-down menus on the axes.
  • On the right, markers are selected (e.g. different countries) and their colors and sizes can also be set according to specific variables.
  • By pressing the play-button, changes over the lifecourse (from age 15 to 65) are displayed.
  • A geographical distribution is shown in maps.
  • Employment histories are additionaly summarized in chronograms.

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Note. The time-line at the bottom refers to respondents' age (but the chart does not allow 2-digit values for time). As such, "1015" refers to age "15", "1016" to age "16", ..., "1050" to age "50", etc. (e.g.: EN women, 1015: Women in England aged 15)

Country abbreviations: Sweden SE; Denmark DK; Germany DE; Netherlands NL; Belgium BE; France FR; Switzerland CH; Austria AT; Italy IT; Spain ES; Greece GR; Czech Republic CZ; Poland PL; England EN
Mail: Based on SHARELIFE and ELSA lifehistory data